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With RentSales faster to more sales and revenue.

Precise personnel selection - Professional sales coaching - Smart sales management.

Service areas

Address sales potential through temporary or permanent sales outsourcing – smart sales management included.

Increase return-on-investment through smart onboarding & precise coaching of sales managers & sales reps.


Higher productivity and lower HR turnover through expert know-how in the right selection of sales personnel.


Quality leads for your sales force increase sales and growth.



Systematically generate new customers or win them back through sales outsourcing without additional headcounts.


Consolidate market position through systematic customer retention without using valuable in-house sales personnel.


In order to address growth opportunities quickly, a professionally designed sales process and a precisely selected and smartly managed sales team are required. With our flexible portfolio of productivity-enhancing sales services, RentSales is the ideal partner for growth-oriented companies!

DI Oliver Kronawittleithner, MBA / Managing Partner Sales Performance Group and Managing Director of RentSales

Why RentSales?

How we work

We start where you need us. From recruiting new sales staff to onboarding and coaching your sales managers and their teams in day-to-day business to complete sales outsourcing. In addition, we provide professional, sales-related training for all teams with our internal sales academy.

Your advantages

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Increase your sales power!

Your company has a great product or innovative service, but because sales resources are scarce, sales remain below plan. Internal sales focus on A-customers and the development of additional market potential is neglected. Sales capacities are exhausted.

Talk to us, because our passion is sales! We enable you to make your sales structures more flexible in order to develop more clout in the market and to reach sales targets faster. We realize this through the partial or complete outsourcing of sales personnel or processes to Rentsales.

What our customers say

As a technology-oriented company, we have outsourced the process of new customer acquisition to RentSales. This has enabled us to gain market share in a controlled manner for many years!

Testimonial Hans Grubmüller
Hans Grubmüller
CEO of Innplast Kunststoffe GmbH
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