A3 Sales Turbo
by RentSales

Align / Activate / Accelerate Your Sales Team

Quickly return to your usual level of sales productivity and profitability

As a sales manager, you cancel an operational sales meeting in favor of an important strategic topic for the umpteenth time. At the same time, you know that the management and control of the sales team, which is crucial right now, is being neglected in the day-to-day business, but you have to set priorities. Does this situation sound familiar? Then imagine that at this very moment you could hand over the day-to-day business of sales management, including sales meetings, activity management and sales coaching, to an experienced, professional sales coach. In addition, you will receive valuable input on strategic topics and it will be ensured that productivity and profitability in the sales team will quickly increase again. This is the A3 Sales Turbo.

We provide you with 25 years of experience in sales process optimization and sales management in the form of A3 Sales Coaches on a temporary basis!

This is how the A3 Sales Turbo works:

Adjust strategy

The current situation changes everything. Not only for you, but also for your customers. Now it is crucial to accurately anticipate these changes and quickly draw the right conclusions for your sales strategy. The A3 Sales Coach helps you with experience to address all important questions and thus quickly return to the usual sales efficiency.

Align team

Communicate your adapted playbook properly to your team! Since employees tend to be reluctant to change on their own, thorough communication of the necessary changes is critical to success. This takes leadership, time and focus. Especially in the first weeks and months. The A3 Sales Coach takes over a large part of the day-to-day communication tasks.

Prioritize activities

Which activities lead to success faster right now? How must digital opportunities be integrated into everyday sales activities? Which habits can (or must) become a thing of the past? Now is the time for powerful, operational sales management. Every day! The A3 Sales Coach accompanies your team in the implementation of the playbook until profitability and productivity are right again.

Our A3 Sales Turbo is not a one-size-fits-all program. We respond individually to your situation and increase the productivity of your sales team. Of course, we also measure ourselves by the success we actually achieve!

How we do it?


What is important to us?

Why the A3 Sales Turbo is important right now

In the current situation, one thing is certain: it will end. And that is precisely what presents sales managers and managing directors with enormous challenges. Questions are being asked, such as: what will the customer structure look like after the crisis? Does the organization need to be adapted? Do the current sales processes still fit? And many more. Often, valuable time for the operational management and control of the sales teams is lost or possibly not the top priority. This is exactly why now is the right time to bring professional support on board and thus massively shorten the restart curve!

"Use this busy time to get through the rest of the year more productively, more accurately, and most importantly, more profitably!"

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