Systematic customer retention

Consolidate market position through systematic customer retention

Use the comprehensive sales know-how at RentSales and secure your market position in the long term through professional customer retention tools. Whether temporary or permanent, whether pro-active internal sales force or sales professionals in the field, RentSales offers you qualified sales personnel to extend existing contracts with your customers and to systematically exploit cross-selling opportunities.

The RentSales sales model guarantees qualification, exclusivity and the necessary focus in sales to lead customer retention to sustainable success.

Inspire your customers!

Enthusiastic customers are loyal customers. With a RentSales customer loyalty program, you inspire through competent relationship management, through qualified sales professionals in the necessary frequency and at the same time systematically use potentials in up- and cross-selling.

In this way, you will be perceived as a professional service company and this will sustainably increase sales and earnings.

If you’d like to learn more about how systematic customer retention can help your business, we’d love to hear from you.

Our services in the area of customer retention

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Customer retention in the internal sales team

The highly qualified team of RentSales telesales experts contacts your customers in the required frequency after detailed, individual training on your products and services. It goes without saying that we are measured by our sales success.

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Complete transparency with the RentSales Dashboard

With the RentSales Dashboard, your decisions are based on accurate knowledge of all performance indicators relevant to you from your RentSales sales team. In real time, you have insight into the status of all customer retention measures.

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Customer retention in the sales team

We individually recruit your sales professionals in the field, who visit your customers effectively and route-optimized, extend contracts and use cross-selling opportunities. But without causing additional personnel costs or internal management effort.

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Completely flexible and customizable

Some customer retention tools are one-time, some are selective, some are permanent. With RentSales you are completely flexible. We are happy to work for you on a temporary or permanent basis to keep your customers excited about your company.

Take advantage of customer retention with RentSales


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