We find your sales talents

We find the right sales professionals for you!

Close gaps in your existing sales structures quickly and effectively. We expand your existing sales structures and - if desired - provide you with an experienced coach for the onboarding process. The RentSales model thus guarantees the ideal and long-term fit of the sales resource for your needs.

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Higher productivity through professional onboarding

Personnel placement in sales rethought

Within the framework of conventional application or personnel consulting processes for sales personnel, it is not always possible to ensure that the right decision is made for the company in the long term. Often it only becomes apparent after months whether the sales employee actually performs as expected.

RentSales therefore offers a unique model of personnel recruitment that allows companies to jointly promote and evaluate the selected person over a defined period of time before a decision is made.

FIND by Rentsales

1. Briefing

In an initial briefing meeting, you outline your requirements. In doing so, we focus on your sales challenges and get a comprehensive picture of the required profile. We listen and ask questions to understand your company’s sales structure and processes. This ensures that we can accurately assess the required qualifications in terms of education and sales experience.

2. Screening

We approach candidates through a wide variety of channels. Thanks to an extensive personal network and over 180 international partners, we have direct access to the best people in sales. In our selection process we approach them directly and check not only hard skills but also the sales socialization and soft skills of the candidates.

3. Selecting

We know sales and only present candidates who we are convinced have the skills that will add value to your company.

4. we pick up where others quit.

We accompany your employees throughout the entire onboarding process.

ONBOARD by Rentsales

A long time-to-productivity and a late recognition of low-performers can be avoided if the potential of the candidates is recognized and promoted from the beginning. We achieve this not only by recruiting, but also by supporting the entire onboarding process. How do we go about this? Learn more about Rent Sales Onboarding here.


Sales Team

We will find the right sales resource for you and, if necessary, coach them for a mutually defined period of time in the ongoing business before they are fully integrated into your core team.

Internal Sales Team

An effective internal sales force often makes top performance in the field possible in the first place. We will be happy to advise you on the establishment or optimization of processes and find the right office staff for you.


With our international network of sales professionals, we help companies build local sales structures and provide direct support for sales opportunities.

We look forward to your inquiry, whether from the home office or from the office!