We coach rookies to success

Make new sales colleagues productive in less time

We search & coach your new sales staff and thus shorten their start-up curve by months!

Imagine welcoming your new sales employees on their first day of work and having an experienced sales coach at their side. During the first critical months of the collaboration, the coach ensures that the pace of customer meetings and cold calls is right. At the same time, targeted one-on-one coaching on interviewing and questioning techniques will optimize closing ratios, resulting in initial sales success months earlier than before. This is ONBOARD by Rentsales!

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Higher productivity through professional onboarding

A study by the Brandon Hall Group shows that new employees who have gone through a professional onboarding process are more than 70% more productive on average. The probability that they will leave again during the onboarding phase is even reduced by 82%. Especially in sales, this creates an incredible productivity momentum!

ONBOARD by Rentsales

1. FIND by Rentsales

Rentsales recruits their new sales staff. FIND by Rentsales is similar to a traditional recruitment process, but different. Click here for details. Of course you can also use the ONBOARD services for those colleagues you have recruited yourself.

2. Define activities

In a joint kick-off, the onbaording process is planned in detail. From the first few weeks to ongoing coaching throughout the onboarding period. The exact duration and content of the onboarding are as individual as our customers.

3. Determine measurement of success

We wouldn’t be in sales if we didn’t measure ourselves by the results we actually achieve. To this end, success measurement criteria are defined at the beginning and evaluated on an ongoing basis during the collaboration. In this way, we take on some of the risk.

4. Sales Coaching

Now it’s down to the final touches. Together with each new sales employee, visit plans are drawn up, routes planned, sales calls simulated and sales techniques optimized.

5. Identify potentials

In the daily work with the sales team, potential for improvement is often identified. In the area of individual skills as well as in the sales process itself or productivity-relevant tools such as CRMs.

6. Recommendations

At the end of an ONBOARD project, there is always structured feedback on the person as well as concrete recommendations for further cooperation.

We look forward to your inquiry, whether from the home office or from the office!