Recruitment of sales agencies

RentSales - the innovative alternative to the sales representative

Are you looking for an external sales partner in Austria, Germany or Switzerland? But you don't want to miss out on the focus and direct control of the sales team that you are used to from your own sales force?

Then RentSales is the right sales partner for you. RentSales takes over the acquisition of new customers as well as the professional development of existing customers in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

Unique is that we recruit for it after your defaults particularly selling professionals, who take over the selling for you exclusively.

Operationally, the team is led by experienced RentSales sales managers who ensure sales performance according to your specifications and KPIs.

The RentSales team acts in the same way as your own sales team, but without you having to do anything yourself.

That is RentSales – business as unusual

Advantages compared to the sales representative

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We individually recruit your sales representatives in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, who work exclusively for you. In this way, we ensure the necessary focus. The usual conflict of interest with other sales partners such as commercial agents is history.

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Long-term successful sales teams are continuously qualified in sales in the sales partnership. This is exactly what we permanently ensure for your RentSales team through training in our own training institute, the SalesFactory. You decide on the scope and content yourself.

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We are aware that sales strategies can also change. It is therefore a matter of course for us that you can also take over your RentSales sales team into your regular team if you wish.

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With RentSales as a sales partner, you have the same control options as in your own sales department. You have direct access to all sales resources. Your RentSales sales manager carries out all activities operationally.

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The own sales department is characterized by the possibility to act completely transparent. The sophisticated RentSales Dashboard provides exactly this transparency for your RentSales team. Common protectionism of market access by independent sales partners is thus a thing of the past.

We look forward to your inquiry, whether from the home office or from the office!